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Is Setting Boundaries Selfish?

Setting Boundaries

  Why Boundaries? Setting boundaries and sticking to them might seem selfish and restrictive at first to those unfamiliar with the concept. But as the well-known proverb reminds us: “Good fences make good neighbors.” Good boundaries, whether they be physical (like fences) or personal, clearly define where one person ends and the next person begins. […]

Can Smartphones Hurt You?

can smartphones hurt you

  Smartphones can be useful. It’s hard to imagine a lifestyle without them. But they can also hurt you. How can smartphones hurt you? Let me count the ways. Smartphones can hurt your eyes. While you’re staring at your phone, you’re not blinking. Before long, you develop dry eyes. Without adequate tears, you have an […]

Laughter and Heart Health

Laughter and Heart Health, laughing boy

  Laughter Improves Heart health Laughter is the brush that sweeps away the cobwebs of your heart. –Mort Walker Laughter and heart health naturally go together. Aside from just plain making you feel good, a good laugh can increase your blood flow by opening the endothelium or the inner lining of your blood vessels. When […]

Sleep and Heart Health

Slep and Heart Health

  What Does Sleep Do To Your Heart? Few people are aware of the surprising connection between sleep and heart health. We tend to think about proper diet and exercise as being major contributors to heart health. But did you know that your overnight habits count too? According to The Centers for Disease Control and […]

In Healing Compassion Is Key

In Healing Compassion Is Key

  Compassion Activates Healing Within and Without. When we think of the greatest healer who ever lived, what was his prime virtue when it came to healing? Compassion. And Jesus went forth, and saw a great multitude, and was moved with compassion toward them, and he healed their sick. Matthew 14:14 Definition of Compassion Compassion […]

Healthy Habits For Immunity

Healthy Habits For Immunity

  10 Healthy Habits To Boost The Immune System In these challenging times, what is the best way to maximize resistance to infectious disease? All things considered, the best way to boost immunity is the natural way. Developing healthy habits which naturally boost the immune system to keep you fit and strong is the best […]

Plant Based Weight Loss

Plant Based Weight Loss

  Plant based weight loss shouldn’t be hard, right? Aren’t plant eaters supposed to be slimmer and healthier than meat eaters? Why, then, are so many vegans overweight and unhealthy? Most likely it is because of: Inaccurate knowledge of what constitutes healthy eating, and/or Poor eating habits. A Plant Based Diet Can Help You Lose […]

Once Upon A Burnout


Burnout: In the Beginning… It was a dark and stormy night. (Classic story beginning…) No burnout here, you say. But wait!  Are you… tossing and turning in your bed, unable to find a peaceful and restful sleep? having difficulties dragging yourself out of bed in the morning to go to work? feeling less engaged in […]

5 Important Vegan Foods

5 Important Vegan Foods

Did you know that 5 of the most important vegan foods can make all the difference for people seeking to change to a plant-based diet? The bulk of calories in the average American diet come from meat. This poses a problem for people considering a switch to a vegan diet. They need to replace these […]

What Is A Vegan?

Meaning And Origin The term “vegan” can be confusing because it has different meanings to different people. For some it simply means eating a wholly plant-based diet. For others it includes refusing certain medical treatments because they make use of animal products. And there is a whole range of options in between. When considering adopting […]